The primary apostolic mission of the Philippine Lasallian Family is to be responsive to the educational needs of the poor. The Lasallian Family in the Philippines ensures that each La Salle school has sustainable projects for the poor. It is in line with this vision that De La Salle Canlubang (DLSC) conceived the "LINGAP" Project (Lasallian Instructional Gift Adopted Pupils)

LINGAP is a response to St. La Salle's call to bring education to the poor. Launched in 2005 during DLSC's 2nd Foundation Day, LINGAP aims to provide a long-term scholarship grant to poor but deserving public elementary school graduates in Sta. Rosa, Biñan and Silang, Cavite.

By 2011, in celebration of the centennial presence of the La Salle Brothers in the Philippines, DLSC along with 17 other Lasallian Schools hopes to have 20% of its student population as scholars in line with DE LA SALLE PHILIPPINES' goal of raising funds for its ONE LA SALLE SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT FUND.

Lingap - n. protective and compassionate care of someone.
Synonyms. Kandili, ampon, alaga, aruga, kupkop

We hope that you will use De La Salle Canlubang as a channel of GOD's goodness, so those who have more in life can share their blessings with those who have less. This you can do by helping the school in its scholarship program called LINGAP - Lasallian Instructional Gift to Adopted Pupils. LINGAP scholars are all Grade 6 honor students from public schools in Sta. Rosa, Biñan, and Silang. They were selected on the basis of their scores in Mathematics and IQ tests.

While the school was interviewing applicants, one girl was asked of her dream in life, and she replied: "Wala naman po akong karapatang mangarap (But I have no right to dream)". Such encounters made the school realize that our youth may have lost even the hope to live a better life. And hence the school's stronger resolve to help gifted students from the public school system.